See, Click, Fix: I-77 No Longer Leaks


See, Click, Fix has gone back to check on an issue we first reported in January when we asked the question, "Is I-77 leaking?"

A water leak under I-77 southbound at exit 12 near LaSalle Street.

Water was seeping onto the highway through a big crack.

When traffic went over the leak, water splashed across the road.

During the winter that water would freeze on the highway, creating a potential hazard for drivers.

But things are much different now.

The leak has now been fixed.

Water is no longer an issue.

A little more than a week ago, crews working for the North Carolina Department of Transportation installed a drain in the area that engineers believe will take care of the problem.

Cracks in the road have also been filled in.

This was part of a significant repair project that crews worked on mainly during overnight hours.

This problem took a little longer to get resolved than we expected.

However, we've learned the crew that handled this problem handles a lot of different issues such as pavement repairs, sign repairs, landscaping, debris removal and more.

The crew covers 135 miles of highway in Mecklenburg and Cabarrus Counties.

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