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What if you were in the process of buying a puppy from the raided kennel

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HUDSON, NC (WBTV) - After a kennel in Caldwell County was raided Thursday and 276 dogs were taken from the business, attention is turning to the recoperation of the dogs.

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Some of the dogs were already due to be sold before the raid and the county is trying to work with those who have already made some payment towards a dog. (Read the main story about the raid)

Caldwell County released a statement about what should be done in those cases.

Customers who have pet purchases pending with Mason Creek Kennels in Hudson should contact Caldwell County Animal Control Director, Greg Greene, about the status of their purchase, the county said.  Greene's phone number is (828) 757-8625. 

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The county also said it was receiving dozens of calls from customers of Mason Creek Kennels who have paid a down payment for a dog and were waiting for pick up of their pet.

All of the animals are now in the custody of Caldwell County Animal Control pending the resolution of any potential charges, the county said in a press release.

Greene will talk to each of those customers and explain the situation and the expected timeline of how the case will proceed, according to the county.

The country reminded folks that none of the dogs seized are available for adoption at this time.

In fact, this weekend, many dogs are being picked up by various rescue organizations across the state for rehabilitation and ongoing medical care, the county said.

Thursday, Caldwell County Animal Control seized 276 dogs from Mason Creek Kennels at 4869 Free Mason Road, which belongs to William "Bill" Thomas Allen, the county said.

 According to Greene, Allen voluntarily turned over an additional 37 dogs last week that had to be euthanized due to their poor medical condition.  Charges are pending in the case.

 For more information, contact Jessica Carter with the Caldwell County Health Department at 828-426-8506 or cell phone number 828-310-4671 or Greg Greene, Caldwell County Animal Control Director at 828-7547-8625.              

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