Rebecca Black's Friday video gone from YouTube

The image that is over the video on YouTube...
The image that is over the video on YouTube...

The spunky song performed by Rebecca Black -- a virtual unknown -- has been yanked off YouTube after amassing millions of views over the last few months.

Its removal comes just before this Friday, so it's unclear how many folks will get through Friday morning at work without the YouTube favorite.

Rebecca got her big break when her mother paid $4000 to have the single and an accompanying video created.

As of June 2011 the video -- that has more than 160 million views -- has been removed from YouTube pending a copyright claim by Black.

Even though the video has millions of views, the song itself has been derided by many music critics and viewers, who dubbed it "the worst song ever."

Earlier this week,  the video was set up only as a paid version on "YouTube Rentals" that could be viewed for $2.99 through ARK Music Factory's channel.

ARK Music Factory is the record label that Black is signed with.

According to Wikipedia, in the deal with ARK, Black would own the master recording, but ARK maintains publishing rights and all sales from the song.

That might have created a legal clash and lead to removal of the video from YouTube.

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