Flea market finds

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV)  -  Flea markets are in full swing so now is a good time to brush up on the easy things you can do to save.

I went to the Potato Sack flea market on Morehead to get advice on the best way to score and save!

I met up with Melissa Wheeler and her son Jacob at the Potato Sack.  They spend at least a day most weekends searching local flea markets for cool treasures.

"We just bought a new house, and we've found a lot of things at flea markets that you can't find at stores," said Melissa.

The Wheelers follow some simple concepts to find good stuff, and get it at the best price.

First of all, they go early.

"We do a preview trip, see if there are things we like, then we go back when it's close to closing to see if it's still there," according to Melissa.  The idea is go early for collectibles, or go late for deals.

Vendors are very happy to give you a deal, and not have to haul the items away at the end of the sale.

When you are hitting the markets, make sure you don't dress up.  You want to be comfortable, but you don't want your clothes to scream, "I've got money"!

Remember what you see on that price tag is not what you have to pay.  Bargaining is the name of the game at yard sales and flea markets; it is part of the fun!  "We always bargain, we don't ever pay what's on the tag," according to Melissa.

Don't overlook boxes and be prepared to dig.  Sometimes you will find two or three things in the bottom of a box, and again, if you are willing to take the whole lot off their hands, vendors will sometimes give you an awesome deal so they don't have to pack it in the car.

Finally, don't act too interested.  Remember, the vendors are reading you like a book.

If you start jumping up and down because you've found that antique plate that will complete your set, chances are you'll be paying full price!

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