See, Click, Fix: A Bump In The Road


It's not that easy to see with the naked eye and it really doesn't look like that much at first glance.

But you see it when you watch cars and trucks as they turn left off South Clarkson Street to get onto the entrance ramp to I-277 and Highway 74.

Their front ends take a dip.

That's because they're coming across a significant bump in the road.

It's there in the seam between South Clarkson Street as it runs along the entrance ramp.

In some places there's a difference of several inches between the pavement of the street and the ramp.

You'll certainly feel it as you drive across it and your vehicle's suspension takes a hit.

Many drivers are apparently aware of the bump as I saw some practically come to a stop before they went across it.

In some cases, drivers would avoid the bump entirely, driving up to the other side of the traffic island here and then turning left.

Does the DOT consider this a problem?

That's what I'm asking and as soon as I get an answer, I'll let you know.

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