Good News: Gas station angel

INDIAN LAND, SC (WBTV) - When Tracy Allen pulled up to pump 4, she was on fumes and almost in tears. "All I had was 10 dollars to put in my car," said the single mother of 2.

As Allen was pumping, a stranger came up from behind and suggested she fill the car all the way up. "I said, I can't do that and she said, I insist," Allen said.

The stranger pulled out her own card and swiped it in the card reader at the pump. That was when Tracy Allen's faith was restored by a woman she didn't know.

"She just helped my so much that day and I didn't even get her name," Allen said. Allen says she can't return the favor with money, but she cleans homes to make ends meet and would like to help the woman that way. But she doesn't know her name.

Maybe she never will know the strangers name that helped her through a rough day. But maybe they'll meet again, at the same place, same pump.