Stretching Your Dollar: Grocery shopping at the drug store

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV)  -  Like a lot of super savers, Amber Barefield knows you have to invest time to save money.  That is why she's learned to shop for the best prices and the best coupon deals.

Sometimes that means shopping at the drug store for food!

Barefield will dedicate several hours a week to her passion for saving.

And she will sometimes travel to a couple of stores to stock up on deals that are just right for her family. "I put my coupons with the list and make my shopping trip," Barefield describes.

Our Raycom Station WTVM in Georgia went with Amber on two trips, one to Walgreens and to CVS.

Amber looks for deals at drug stores on non-perishable food items.  She says the rewards programs make some of the deals especially good.

"Because I shop the grocery stores, I know the prices," she points out.  So you really need to know what items are selling for at the grocery store to know that you're actually saving.

The rewards programs vary at the different drug stores.  Barefield likes the programs at both CVS and Walgreens.

When you spend at CVS they pay you in what are called Extra Care Bucks.  At Walgreens they are called Register Rewards.

"That is Walgreens money, that's what they give you to you to come back and buy some more stuff," Amber explains.

Combining the rewards programs with coupons is how she really saves.

"The sale price on this is 3-99," she says holding a box of cereal.  "Buy one get one free and then I have two, 70- cent off coupons, that would be a dollar 40 off," Barefield says.

We watched a total at the register of 42 dollars and 72 cents drop by to just three dollars and 23 cents by the time she was finished with coupons and rewards bucks.

At CVS a similar story, "Before the sales and all my coupons, my total was just over a hundred dollars, the total out of pocket that I spent was 22 dollars and 12 cents," Barefield points out.

If you want to save to the extent Barefield saves, you would probably want to take a class or watch a class online.

Many local churches offer classes, and on several web sites you can actually pay to watch videos online on how to make the most of coupons.

Happy clipping!

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