Teen girl survives 100-foot fall, could face charges

KINGS MOUNTAIN, NC (WBTV) - A 17-year-old girl is recovering after surviving a 100-foot jump off a popular quarry cliff.

Chelsea Ball was with friends who were all jumping from the edge of an old mica quarry in Kings Mountain, into the water below.

Ball says she knew before she even jumped that she wasn't going to make it. "I didn't get a fast enough head start and I knew it wasn't going to work," said Ball.

A video posted on YouTube shows the jump and the chaos that followed. The video shows Ball hitting a tree and landing feet first onto a rocky area just short of the water. Screams from friends to get help and call 911 can also be heard on the video.

Ball's boyfriend, Tyla Cochran immediately jumped into the water to help.

Paramedic crew member Brian Gibson said he was expecting to find a victim near death. "That's a long fall, and for you to live through that, somebody had to be watching you," said Gibson.

Ball was taken to Cleveland Regional Medical Center with only minor injuries including fractured ribs.

"I have a purpose to be here, and this made me realize it," said Ball.

The 17-year-old is the mother of a 6-month old boy. She says she believes something kept her from being killed in the fall.

"My grandfather sat me down and said, 'An angel had you by the feet and carried you the whole way down,' ever since then it's changed me," said Ball.

The girl says she wasn't planning on jumping into the quarry but she caved into peer pressure. She says peer pressure won't be a problem for her anymore.

Ball, her boyfriend and several others are facing charges of trespassing from the Cleveland County Sheriff.

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