Shopping savvy with smartphones

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - How would you like an assistant the next time you're looking for a deal? 

Well, Shop Savvy is a smartphone app that promises to be your ticket to better prices with less work.  The phone application works on barcodes. 

You can download the app for free and in a matter of seconds the phone will scan the product's barcode and give you a list to choose from.

The application will tell you where you can find that same product online, or at a local store.  It lists the various prices you'll pay, even the distance you will travel to get the deal.

Donald Suir is married to a bargain Hunter, "Anything she can spend money on if it helps her find a bargain she would use it to save money. She'd love it," Suir says, referring to his wife.

In April the company that designed the app said they had 1.9 million downloads. 

Alexander Muse, CEO and co-founder of ShopSavvy said in an industry news release, the growth has been tremendous, "and we are pleased to report that product page views in the first quarter of 2011 were more than double those of the last quarter of 2010."

In the oppressive summer heat, and driving around on expensive gas, the prospect of saving money without all the legwork appeals to Teresa Flake, "You can definitely save money, and time, instead of going from store to store to find it."

The smartphone app is free and takes just a few minutes to download.  To learn more about ShopSavvy click here.

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