See, Click, Fix: Morehead Street water issue

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It doesn't matter if it's been bone dry and hasn't rained for weeks, a viewer tells us there's always a pool of water on the road at Royal Court along the 800 block of Morehead Street.

It's obvious this water issue has been here for awhile.  In fact, you can see algae has formed in the water.

You can see Sometimes there's so much water here, that it actually pools all the way across Royal Court. In fact, I've walked down the sidewalk here along Morehead Street many times and because there's so much water here, I've had to veer off a straight path, come way wide right out there, and then go on down the sidewalk.

So where's the water coming from?

It appears there could be a problem with drainage. There's a storm water drain here but the water is clearly backed up over the grate.

And it also appears the water here could be tied into the storm water drain across the street at Myrtle Avenue.  It appears clogged as well.

And then there's water that appears to flow into this area from a block up the street at Euclid Avenue. It looks as if water is actually coming out of a grate in a parking deck entrance, rather than going into it.

So this is rather a perplexing problem.

We're looking for answers and now we have some.

A spokesperson for the City Storm Water Services wrote me an email and says: "City Storm Water Services has identified this area as the Royal Court Maintenance Project.  We currently have a solution planned and designed and are working with property owners to obtain the necessary easements.  We anticipate going to construction here in 2-3 months.  My understanding is that runoff from nearby properties has caused silting (dirt buildup) and blockages in a drainage system that needs to be upgraded."

I'll keep you posted on the progress of that project.

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