3 generations of clockmakers

LOWELL, NC (WBTV) - Campbell's Jewelers in downtown Lowell is unassuming from the outside, but step inside and some call it magic.

"If anything it relaxes me," says owner Jim Campbell about the sounds that permeate the air. The tick-tocking of hundreds of clocks that hang on the walls of Campbell's.

The store has been home to the family of clockmakers for 50 years.

Jim's father was a clockmaker and so is his daughter Myra.

Jim says the company philosophy is quality not quantity. He says no one should come in and expect a rush job on a repair.

His family treats clocks like works of art and spends hours masterfully cleaning and sometimes even re-building clocks.

"I don't want to ever retire, because I would imagine that would be the worst thing that could happen to me, is to not have anything to do."

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