On The Road: Fried Chicken Crawl

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It's a southern classic that fills the menus of many Charlotte restaurants. Al Conklin and I visited three of the best chicken places in town to bring you the best flavor for your buck.

"It's just simple fried chicken, that's all it is," said Steven Price, owner of Price's Chicken coop.  His restaurant opened in 1962 and is still thriving today.

"It's the best Chicken in Charlotte," Janet Tuck said.

"The chicken is great," Roberta Kincaid said. "It tastes like my grandmother used to make."

Each piece is marinated, battered with flour, and fried in 100% Peanut Oil at 350 degrees. We judged based on three things: color, texture, and flavor.

Price's  chicken passed with flying colors.  "That is delicious. You know they say at church, I wanna slap somebody it's so good," Conklin said.

After greasing our palettes we headed to Chicken Box off North Tryon Street. Manager Lester Cash claims his bird is as good as any. "We add a special blend of seasonings that have been handed down by one of the owners grandparents," Cash said.

This family secret has been a huge hit since 1978.  Sheena Streater agreed,  "I don't know what they use but it's the best chicken."

Chicken Box's chicken is soaked, then battered and fried. But, the secret comes in the seasoning, which leaves a nice salty finish.

"Color looks great, nice and light; texture looks awesome," Conklin said.

Chicken Box also offers a wide variety of home cooked sides, which are absolutely delicious.

Our last stop was legendary BBQ King, which opened in 1967. It was there we met Herbert Tesh, who drives up twice a week from Rock Hill.

"I like the chicken, I love the BBQ chicken, it's very unique," Tesh said.

Their BBQ chicken even caught the attention of Guy Fieri, and earned a spot on the Food Network. The recipe, once again, is top secret.

"Through the years I've added a few things to the BBQ sauce, and it's got that little extra kick to it," owner Gus Karapanous said.

Tesh agrees. "The sauce is just finger licking good."

Karapanous did share that it gets two battered baths, plus a cracker roll before being fried and dunked in a special sauce. The taste simply explodes in your mouth.

"Man, that is good! You got sauce on your face. That is amazing," Conklin said.

All three passed the test, and left our taste buds longing for the next time. One things for sure, there's no lack of comfort or flavor in this town.

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Price's Chicken Coop- 1614 Camden Road, Charlotte, NC 28203  (704) 333-2088

Chicken Box- 3726 North Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28206  (704) 332-2636

BBQ King- 2900 Wilkinson Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 28208  (704) 399-8344