Gaston County pounded by storms, again

GASTON CO., NC (WBTV) - For at least the third time in a month, neighbors in Gaston County are firing up the chainsaws, blowers and brooms.

Residents on Forestbrook Road in South Gastonia and along Union Road were cleaning up this morning after last night's high winds toppled a gas station canopy at the Omni Mart and several trees were blown down in the same area.

That same neighborhood is dotted with signs for roof repair. Neighbors say dozens of homes had to have roofs replaced after April storms dumped baseball sized hail.

"We were scared, we were actually very scared," said Kings Mountain Town Councilman Tommy Hawkins. Hawkins told WBTV the winds knocked a huge limb from an oak tree over his home. The massive limb crushed two cars in the driveway, including Hawkins' work vehicle.

"I'm just glad everybody's alright, it could have been a lot worse," said Hawkins.

Many tree service companies are already so booked with requests for clean-up, they're having trouble keeping up with the demand.

More storms are forecast for the rest of the week.