Woman hits big in the lottery, twice

CROUSE, NC (WBTV) - The word spread fast around the tiny Gaston County town of Crouse. Beverly Kiser was one of three winners of the NC Lottery Cash 5 game last week. After taxes and splitting the pot, Kiser took home around $300,000.

But then she stopped to say thank you to the clerks who sold her the ticket at Murphy Express in Cherryville.

That's where she decided to try her luck again with a $20 scratch off ticket. And the bet paid off with another $5,000 prize.

Now it would be nice to know exactly what Ms. Kiser plans to do with her winnings, or whether or not she'll keep her job at a local textile mill, but we couldn't find her.

I spent the better part of the day scouring the whole town of Crouse for Ms. Kiser with no luck. But I sure did meet some very nice and helpful people along the way. Check out the video segment and send us your Good News! E-mail us at goodnews@wbtv.com