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Community reacts to 11-year-old girl shot in drive-by

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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Police in Charlotte have interviewed several persons of interest in connection to a drive-by shooting that sent a child to the hospital Sunday night.

No one has been charged in the shooting yet.

A barrage of gunfire pierced the night at Ross Avenue and Caronia Street, off Clanton Road.  When the shots finally subsided, an 11-year old girl  had been hit.

The girl has been identified as Starr McKnight.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police responded out to the neighborhood in west Charlotte around 10pm Sunday night after calls for help came into the 911 dispatch center.

Witnesses tell police a blue Chevy Caprice was in the area driving down the road, when at least one of the four men inside pulled a gun and opened fire.

"The other people who they were fighting, they went to go get grown men and the grown men they were just like shooting, shooting at the kids," said McKnight.

McKnight was shot in the ankle. Her brother carried her to a neighbor's house until an ambulance arrived.

According to officers, the young girl was not the intended target, but they're trying to figure out who may have been.

On Tuesday, neighbors in the Reid Park neighborhood met with police to discuss the crime.

Ricky Hall is one of several residents who attended the meeting.

He says shootings like the one Sunday involving 11-year-old Starr McKnight give the neighborhood a bad rap.

"Anybody who would randomly shoot and indiscriminately shoot into a crowd of kids, then that means that nobody in this community is safe," said Hall.

McKnight was back home Tuesday after being shot in the ankle during a fight between teenagers in her neighborhood.

The bullet wasn't meant for her, but now she's wearing a cast to heal her broken ankle.

"I remember running and see my foot wiggle around because it was broke," said McKnight.

Officer Andy Harris heads up patrols in Reid Park.

He encouraged neighbors to call police anytime they see a fight or anything suspicious.

"It will escalate and if we can get there on the beginning of it, maybe we can disperse it," said Harris.

Police are making some headway in the West Charlotte neighborhood. Overall crime is down 58 percent since last year. Police credit extra patrols and more community involvement to the neighborhoods success.

Officer Harris says Sunday's shooting is unacceptable.

"It will not be tolerated, not in this community not anywhere," said Harris.

Police are still looking for the gunman.  They're asking for any help they can get to solve the case.  If you have any information, please call Crimestoppers at (704) 334-1600.

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