Pork Chops, Strawberries & Asparagus ~ Chef Tim

Prepared by Chef Tim Groody
Lake Side Catering
Four Servings

All Natural Pork Chop
Butter Roasted Strawberries
Shaved Asparagus

4 1 ½" thick natural boneless pork chops

20 thick spears asparagus

16 large strawberries

2 T butter

Extra virgin olive oil

Rosemary sprigs

Salt and pepper

All ingredients are in season (except salt, pepper, olive oil) at your local farmers markets.  Peel asparagus leaving 2" of the tip not peeled.  Put peel in garden for compost.  Continue to shave 10 spears in long strips peeling the stem.  Turn the asparagus as you are shaving to keep round shape.  Shave until there is no more to shave.  Place shavings in a bowl and drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper.  Blanch the rest of the asparagus and tips for 30 seconds.  Season pork chops with salt and pepper.  Sear in a pan over medium heat.  When almost done add butter and rosemary.  Baste the pork chops in the butter.  Remove when cooked.  Add strawberries and roast for 1 minute.  On a plate place blanched asparagus.  Then the pork chop. Spoon strawberries and some of the butter over the top.  Divide shaved asparagus over.  Serve and Enjoy!!!!!