Accused Killer With Charges Dropped: Speaks Out

Charges were dropped Thursday Afternoon against a former nurse accused of killing her high school rival.

Sally Jordan Hill tells WBTV she's finally been vindicated.

Hill was charged with murdering a woman 10-years ago who was recovering from plastic surgery.

She has gone back to her maiden name which is Sally Jordan, and feels after that announcement came a huge burden had been lifted.

"It hasn't quite sunk in yet, because it's been four years, seven months, and so many hours, since all this has come about," she said. "Having faith in God has helped me deal with the load and the burden.

Back in 2006, she was then a nurse who was accused of administering a lethal dose of pain killers in the 2001 death of Sandra Joyner during a plastic surgery procedure.

Earlier reports said the two were rivals at Olympic high school where Joyner had taken Jordan's boyfriend.

"We have taken a dismissal in this case," said Mecklenburg District Attorney Andrew Murray/

10 years after Joyner's death, Murray feels the case has languished enough.

"There were just too many charges to proceed with a criminal charge against Miss Sally Hill."

Jordan had to use a public defender to fight the charges, and said no back in 2008 to a plea bargain.

"There was no reason for me to take the plea. I didn't do what I was accused of doing," she said. "That was fine. I wasn't going to take the plea."

In other words, the former nurse felt she had enough to convince a jury of her innocence.

According to Sally Jordan, the 61 days she spent in jail was quote "unnecessary."

Jordan also said a conviction in the case meant that she could have received a life sentence.