Woman wrote down every prayer she ever prayed

CHERRYVILLE, NC (WBTV) - The Home Folks Cafe has been a staple in downtown Cherryville for 40 years. And for 40 years, Doris Lail was a staple of the Home Folks Cafe.

"She may have just run the cash register and opened the store up in the mornings, but she touched people," said Lail's grand daughter Sierra Jarrell.

People would often ask "Miss Doris" to pray for them. Even with a stacked up lunch line full of people waiting to pay their tabs, she stopped to oblige.

April 28th, Miss Doris went to say all of the prayers in person. There were so many hundreds of people at her funeral, family stopped trying to count them all.

Her daughters and one son found something though, soon after her death. Tucked behind the cash register, a bible. Inside the bible were dozens, and hundreds of order slips with prayers and names written all over them.

"You know how when people say they're going to pray for you? Well she really did," said Lail's daughter Janet.

Her family knew her as the prayer lady but had no idea that every single time someone asked her to pray for them, she did.

She always used to pray for 10,000 good guardian angels for each person she prayed with. Her family now firmly believes there are 10,001 good guardian angels.

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