Duke Energy's shareholder meeting attracts lots of protestors

CHARLOTTE (WBTV) - Pick your protest.

Crowds with nothing in common except their disdain for Duke Energy gathered at the company's annual shareholder meeting Thursday.

Outside, protestors from both the left and the right chanted about everything from the environment to the Democratic National Convention, and inside shareholders were upset about a score of things, too.

But Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers spoke with every shareholder who wanted to complain, extending the meeting for hours.

By the time he was done, even those that were upset called him things like "patient," "attainable," and "pleasant."

Not that everyone got the answers they wanted to hear.

They were upset about nuclear power, and coal, and accusations of corporate corruption.

Rodgers is in charge of fundraising for the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, and he's using company funds to guarantee a $10 million line of credit to the convention committee.

"Jim Rodgers can do what he wants with his own personal money," said shareholder tom Borelli. "Our concern from a shareholder perspective is the fact that he used Duke company assets as the line of credit."

Rogers sat down with WBTV's Melissa Hankins to confront that issue.

"I know based on the work that we've done, and looking forward, that in all likelihood, we'll never draw down on that line of credit," Roger said. "But it was a requirement to get the convention. And so you know, when push comes to shove, somebody's got to step up."