See, Click, Fix: Street Problem

By John Carter - bio l email


There is a bus stop at 2616 West Boulevard in Charlotte.

And just a few feet from the bus stop, a significant problem.

The curbing is busted up and the street pavement around the spot looks pretty bad as well.

A viewer writes See, Click, Fix..." 8 or 9 foot long spot that is broken in multiple spots on the sidewalk. Normal for Charlotte, but what makes it extra dangerous, it is about 5 feet from the CATS bus stop, and every time the bus runs over it actually moves and goes up and down about 2 feet in the air, imagine that while standing on or near it. Or when it is filled with muddy water, which it often is. I fell and tripped on it when I first moved to the area."

I contacted the city about the problem, and its response: "Staff looked at the location. Sidewalk is okay. The curb, drain, etc. is the responsibility of the NCDOT. We will forward the need for repair on to them."

And the state DOT is now aware of the situation.

An engineer has contacted me and the NCDOT has taken a look the problem.

I'm told the state plans to make repairs in the upcoming weeks and coordinate efforts with CMUD since it's believed water leaks are the root cause of the problem.

I'll keep you posted.

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