Fliers concerned about bin Laden retaliation

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Passengers flying in and out of Charlotte Douglas Airport said today that talk of retaliation for Osama bin Laden's death made them uneasy.

"I was nervous before I left my house because I didn't know how the events from last night were going to unfold today," one man told WBTV.

"At first, I was nervous last night when I heard the news," another traveler today, Sharon Bunger of Minneapolis, said. "And then I thought nope it will all be ok."

Most people said they never considered canceling their plans.

"Great American attitude, like Obama says. Kick some booty," shouted another woman as she waited for her baggage.

Some thought, thought, that there would be more security at the airport than there was.

"I was anticipating it to be a little tighter, but it wasn't," Bunger said. "We breezed right through."

Others noted an increase in canine patrols.

In a statement, a TSA official said, "our efforts to combat terrorism do not fixate on one individual, [and] we remain at a heightened state of vigilance," but as of right now there are no official air-travel related alerts out there.

Some are not as concerned about our airport though as they are our city. With Charlotte home to the approaching Democratic National Convention, there will be a lot of focus on the Queen City.

WBTV also obtained a short statement from the FBI. "While there are no specific, bin Laden-related threats at this time," it reads, "every logical and prudent step is being taken to mitigate any developing threats."