Getting the best Sunscreen for your money

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV)  -  If the weather is nice, there is a very good chance you'll find the beach volleyball court packed at Charlotte's Freedom Park.  I found Jeanne Boeck and her friends enjoying the spring weather.

But this year, more than most, the ladies who play on the team are more cautious than ever about the sun. "The doctor said this one was pre-cancerous," Boeck says pointing to a visible wound on her leg.  Last week the young sales agent went for her regular body scan and had to have three moles removed.

I wanted to know if the cost of a sunscreen has any relationship to its effectiveness.  Dr. Gilly Munavalli, from Dermatology Laser and Vein Specialists of the Carolinas spends a good deal of his time looking at patients who didn't protect their skin from the sun's harmful rays.  He says the most important thing you can do for yourself daily is to take the time to protect your skin.

When I asked him about costly name brands, he pointed to a Consumer Reports study of sunscreens that found more expensive didn't mean more effective.  "Target's continuous spray was actually ranked top of the list, and it's less than a dollar an ounce," said Dr. Munavalli.  He also said promises of 'waterproof' or 'sweat-proof' don't have him convinced.  He believes, if you swim or sweat, you've got to reapply.

For Jeanne and her friends, they've spent most of their lives in the sun spiking at the net.  They love the game!

But they know if they're going to keep their skills sharp and be on the sand, they've got to take care of every aspect of their physical well-being.  Healthy skin a big part of that.  "I used to be a native tan, but that's changed in the last two years, now I'm wear SPF 50 and feel good about it," Boeck says.

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