Royal Wedding tea party complete with hats

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - At the Carriage Club community in South Charlotte, most waited all day for the party where the whole wedding would be shown.

The DVD went in and the eyes were fixed on the television.

While the beautiful bride walked slowly down the aisle, the crowd of mostly women watching were wearing their own smashing outfits.

Beautiful hats and dresses went along with the tea and crumpets at the viewing party. There were also a few champagne corks popping.

Most of the crowd was from the states, but Carriage Club business developer Julie Hutt was a little homesick watching the wedding. "I had about 20 girls at my house for a breakfast and we cried and sang the national anthem and had a very patriotic morning," said Hutt.

The event in the afternoon was just the perfect way to end such a fairy tale day.