Why it's easier than ever to "do it yourself"

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It used to be if you wanted something done right you'd hire a professional.

Now more people are realizing "do it yourself" is the money-saving way to go.  There's only one problem.  Sometimes the do-it-yourselfer is lacking the skills or the tools.  Until now.

Mooresville-based Lowe's home improvement stores have put it's customers in the do it yourself business for decades.  Still, one store manager says, this past year or so has shown a big increase.

"Most products today give great instructions how to do and install and attach things so it's easier," said Lowe's store manager Tom Holbrook.

The marketplace is reacting to it's customers desire to save by making it simple to solve their own problems.

"U Fix It" garage owner Mark McCoy says it was important for him to open a new kind of business meant just to help people save.

"People have jobs today but not tomorrow and what it's telling me is they want to stretch their dollar even more.  If they can do it themselves they're going to," McCoy said.

What makes his garage different is that his customers do all of the work.  There are no mechanics on staff.  Work bays and lifts are available for rent.  Customers can use his tools and Mark will sell his customers the parts they need at his cost.   The only thing he won't do is finish the work for his customers.

"My customer base are people in apartments and condos who don't have a dry clean environment to work on their cars," McCoy said.

They are also people with expensive foreign cars who don't want to pay an arm and a leg for repairs at a dealership.

"I'm not just out to make a buck with this place.  I'm retired Navy and I have a pension.  This isn't my bread and butter," McCoy said.

It's his passion and it's already saved customers like Tim Skipper hundreds of dollars over three different visits.

"It's my labor and my labor is free," Skipper said.

Mark says there are definitely some jobs you want to leave to the professionals when it comes to car repairs.  Watch the video at the top of this page to see which jobs you should probably not do yourself.

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