On The Road: Sweet Tea's Bakery & Tea Room

MONROE, NC (WBTV) -  "The best bakery in town. There's no doubt about that," said John Wiggins. Olivia Stegall agrees, "It's a wonderful thing to have in a small town like this."

One local Tea Room is delivering exquisite European flavor to the small town of Monroe.

"I lived in Europe for many years so I know good pastries and the old baking styles and Marie's got it down," Wiggins said.

It all started when owner, Marie Fish, was 13. She took a special trip with her grandmother to an Austrian bakery.

"I thought some day, I'm gonna replicate this here," Fish said.

So she did, opening Sweet Tea's Bakery and Tea Room just three years ago. They serve delicious pastries, sandwiches and of course tea. I sat down to learn the rules of afternoon tea.

Typically three courses are served. First up here, a sandwich course-- a tasty homemade turkey salad croissant.  Next, a sweet course comprised of a homemade chocolate chip scone with raspberry jam and clotted cream.  Last a dessert course.

It's as much about the ambiance as the flavor. That's what keeps friends Olivia Stegall and Donna Bell coming back.

"It has a local flavor and it's cozy," Bell said.  Stegall agrees," I think that it makes you slow down and take your time."

"It's taking time out from your busy day to be a human being, and to socialize, not in the fast world, to slow down," said Fish.

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START:  1 Julian Price Pl, Charlotte, NC 28208-5211 US

1. Start out going NORTH on JULIAN PRICE PL toward W MOREHEAD ST/US-29.  (go 0 miles)

2. Take the 1st RIGHT onto W MOREHEAD ST/US-29.

- If you are on MILLERTON AVE and reach EVERGREEN DR you've gone about 0.1 miles too far

3. Take the 3rd RIGHT onto FREEDOM DR.

4. FREEDOM DR becomes S CLARKSON ST.  (go 0.13 miles)

5. Merge onto I-277 N/US-74 E via the ramp on the LEFT.

6. Merge onto US-74 E via EXIT 2B toward NC-27 E/INDEPENDENCE EXPWY.  (go 20.91 miles)

7. Turn RIGHT onto ROLAND DR.

- ROLAND DR is 0.3 miles past CARROLL ST

8. Turn LEFT onto OLD CHARLOTTE HWY.  (go 0.98 miles)

9. OLD CHARLOTTE HWY becomes N CHARLOTTE AVE.  (go 1.66 miles)

10. Turn RIGHT onto FRANKLIN ST/NC-75/NC-84.

END: 210 E Franklin St, Monroe, NC 28112 US

TOTAL ESTIMATED TIME: 42 minutes | DISTANCE: 28.39 miles