See, Click, Fix: Lane Markings Clearer

By John Carter - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Viewers told us back in March that painted directional markings on the roadway along the 93 hundred block of North Tryon Street were confusing.

Some of the markings were faded, it wasn't clear if you were allowed to go straight or whether it was a right turn only, and it wasn't clear whether you should be in the right hand lane at all in one area.

But now things are a lot clearer following work by the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

New markings have been painted along north Tryon, additional directions have been added, and faded cross hatches have been removed.

Specifically:  the right lane of North Tryon as you approach the Mallard Pointe Shopping center intersection is now marked as a straight or right turn lane.

As you approach the JW Clay Boulevard intersection, the right lane is clearly marked right turn only.

Finally, new cross hatches have been painted in the right hand lane approaching JM Keynes Boulevard, which means you are NOT supposed to use that portion of the street.  And once it opens again, it's clearly marked as right turn only.

See, Click, Fix looks into a problem...and it is now fixed.

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