Uptown neighbors concerned about recent crimes

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Neighbors in the Gateway Village community near Johnson and Wales University say they are concerned about a string of recent crimes.

Earlier this month, Christopher Satterfield was murdered in the parking lot of a complex on Cates Street. His roommate told police he went outside to smoke a cigarette.

That's when police say twenty-year-old Felix Patton shot him during a possible robbery attempt. Patton was arrested earlier this week.

Last week, three Johnson and Wales students reported being robbed in two incidents.

Now this weekend, another neighbor called WBTV to report several car break-ins at his complex along Cedar Street.

"It's a fantastic place," said Bryan Partridge. "We've been here for two years but it seems like the last two weeks, these three blocks have been a dangerous place to be after dark," he said.

Crime statistics from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department show robberies and assaults are up compared to the same time period last year. Larcenies from cars are down.

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