Four men accused of "cut and run" are back in jail

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Their taste of freedom was brief. By Wednesday morning, all four suspects accused of cutting off their electronic monitoring bracelets were back in custody.

17-year-old Donqus McSwain turned himself into police, after tampering with his device on April 15th. McSwain is the first person to cut and run while on probation with the North Carolina Department of Corrections, while being monitored by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department. McSwain was part of a new partnership between the two agencies to monitor offenders on probation.

McSwain was recently convicted of robbing another teenager in Charlotte last year.

The other men accused of cutting their electronic monitoring device were all out on bond awaiting their day in court on criminal charges.

Twenty-year-old Shawn Duncan was arrested by the Violent Criminal Apprehension Team after 24 hours on the run. Duncan was accused of break-ins and stealing.

29-year-old Robert Jones, also arrested after being out on bond two months. He is also accused of property crimes. Police say he was preparing to head to court on a plea agreement that would have put him in jail for several years, instead, it appears he bolted.

Robert Wold is another accused career criminal who cut and run this month.  He's now back in custody on a $36,000 bond.

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