Zahra's dad being monitored by federal officials

Adam Baker going into court one day.
Adam Baker going into court one day.

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Adam Baker, the father of a slain Hickory girl, has been released from the Catawba County Jail and is now being monitored by federal authorities.

Baker, who was hoping to get his passport back recently, had been held in the county jail from April 13 until this morning, although he posted bond this past weekend.

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Baker made bond on Saturday, but there was a "hold" placed on him and he was not released until just before 7:30 am Tuesday when he was handed over to the custody of federal immigration officials.

He has not been charged in the death of Zahra, his daughter, who was killed and later dismembered.

WBTV incorrectly reported earlier that Baker was being held as an inmate at the La Tuna Federal Correction Facility in Anthony, Texas. However, he is not actually being held in Texas. According to his attorney, Baker is in Caldwell County wearing an ankle bracelet, which is monitored by federal officials.

Just last week, Baker had hoped to get an answer on having his passport returned so he could fly back to his home country of Australia.

On Tuesday of last week he was hit with new felony charges -- and authorities issued a "detainer" against the man, keeping him in the U.S.

According to the Hickory Police Department, Adam Baker was arrested and charged with one count of identity theft and one count of obtaining property by false pretense.

Baker appeared in court Wednesday morning for the felony charges and he was given a court-appointed attorney. A probable cause hearing was set for May 4 and Baker was held on a $10,000 bond.

In addition, immigration officials have now issued a detainer against Baker which prohibits him from leaving the country even if he posts bond.

Once all of Baker's legal issues are resolved, he will be deported said an official with the Hickory Police Department.

The charges filed Tuesday are related to Baker obtaining services from Duke Energy and are not related to the death of Zahra Baker.

Adam Baker's wife and Zahra's stepmother -- Elisa Baker -- is charged with second-degree murder in the death of the girl, who was found dismembered in at least two locations last fall.

WBTV has learned that Baker was charged by police after getting power to his home in Hickory under false pretenses.

His wife, Elisa, is facing similar charges in Caldwell County from when the couple lived there.

On Monday, WBTV learned that Baker was seeking to leave the United States and head back to his home country of Australia.

A meeting between police, the district attorney and Adam Baker's attorney was scheduled for Tuesday to see if Baker could get his passport back for an eventual return to Australia. WBTV has learned that the meeting has been put on hold for now.

Adam Baker has told WBTV in two exclusive interviews he was not involved in the death or dismemberment of his daughter. (More about the WBTV interview)

When Elisa Baker was charged, the district attorney said there was "no credible evidence to charge anyone other than Elisa Baker."

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