Giant rabbits aren't for sale for Easter

DALLAS, NC (WBTV) - If you've never seen a Flemish Giant rabbit, you may at first think a rabbit ate a small child.

But the 20 plus pound beasts grown at Wooley Booger's Rabbitry in Dallas are very friendly.

Charles Bryant and his wife Belinda started up their own rabbit breeding business years ago after Belinda got just one rabbit. "I thought they were cute so I just had to have one, and it just got out of control," said Belinda.

The couple now runs a very well put together rabbitry with dozens of cages and several different varieties. They travel the country showing the rabbits and sometimes sell them, but only to worthy adopters.

"I don't want anybody to buy one of my rabbits on an impulse," Charles says of people who buy their children rabbits for Easter, "I want to know my rabbit is going to a good home and won't end up in a shelter."

It's not for everyone, but raising rabbits has proven to be a passion for the Bryant's. One they'll not soon give up, a new litter was just born 4 days ago. For more info, go to

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