Road trip savings check list

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV)  -  Spring break road trips will cost quite a bit more this year as gas prices are  inching closer to the four dollar a gallon mark.  But there are some ways you can save and it starts with what you pack.

The cooler is your friend on a long road trip.  Stopping for drinks at a convenience store will cost you in cash and time!  Pack a cooler filled with healthy easy-to-eat snacks, and lots of drinks.  Consider packing  a picnic.

If you stop to take you family to a restaurant on the highway, chances are the meal won't be the healthiest, and will cost you.  Most states, like North Carolina, have great suggestions of where to picnic on the state tourism and travel web site.

To break up the monotony of the road, check out Roadside America.  There you will find all kinds of odd and interesting locations to visit along your way, many you can see without spending a penny.

Remember every time you fill up your tank; make sure to take some time to check your tire pressure.  Proper inflation of your tires might be the easiest way to save.  When your tires are at the correct pressure your gas mileage improves.

When it comes to filling up the tank, have your co-pilot keep his or her smart phone on  Our gas widget will help you locate the best priced gas no matter where the road takes you.  Even if you have to go off your direct route to save, a few miles off the path to save a few cents a gallon will add up if you're making a long road trip.

For fun, the web site Moms Minivan has 101 car travel games and road trip ideas to make the most of your adventure.

Remember to include the entire family on your money saving mission!  Make it part of the spring break fun.

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