CRVA Responds To City Council Second Probe Is Underway

From learning the details of an employee's extra compensation from CEO Tim Newman to overhauling the way big time events in Center City are brokered, the CRVA is again in the mode of damage control.

The organizations latest move isn't pleasing to some city council members.

City council member Michael Barnes has been the attack dog on this issue,

He said," I think we either need to have a management change or we need to have a clear message from the board or management  that we we've been dealing with is going to stop."

This week, it was learned that the CRVA paid one of its employees Erika Crawford Brim 100 thousand dollars over a four year period for acting as the conference coordinator during the CIAA tournament.

Mayor Anthony Foxx said the issue isn't over the CIAA, but rather the CRVA.

"I think the CIAA is a good thing for this city," Foxx said. "This has to do with trying to make sure that the CRVA is following its own policies."

Explaining those policies came in a two page memo to the Mayor and Council from CRVA board chair Derrick Close.

It states in part the CRVA will review all major contracts and goes on to say that the CRVA will restructure our arrangement with the CIAA.

Barnes says the boards' explaining isn't finished.

"There's still some open questions for me."

That's why Barnes is now asking city attorney Mac McCarley to begin an investigation looking into the board's practices of CRVA staffers.

Mayor Anthony Foxx welcomes the probe.

The mayor said, "We'll see what comes out of that as well. It's never a bad thing to have your lawyers to take a look at something like this."

No word on when the city attorney's investigation will be completed.