AK-47 and Quran in drug store photos draw FBI interest

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into a situation involving photos that were being processed at a drug store in Rock Hill, SC.

An officer with the Rock Hill Police Department was called on Tuesday, April 12, to the Walgreen's located in the 2000 block of Celanese Road.

Around 3 p.m., a store employee was processing photographs in the photo lab in which the worker thought appeared to be suspicious.

The photos belonged to a bearded 38-year-old white male, but the police report did not provide the customer's name. The man told police he lives in St. Louis, Mo.

The photos showed an AK-47 gun, the Quran, and some major cities throughout the United States. There was also a picture of Muslim sites included in the photo collection.

The customer with the pictures told police the images were from a book, but he unable to tell the officer the name of the book.

Some of the photos showed the man posing with a Quran at a friend's house which he said was located in York County.

The customer said he was only visiting Rock Hill for a few days, but he would not give specific dates for his visit. He later said he was staying with a friend in York, SC.

An FBI agent was called to the location and Walgreen's provided a CD copy of the photos, photos, and surveillance video from the store as evidence.

No charges were filed against the man, the report said.

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