On The Road: Butterfly Farm

HIGH POINT, NC (WBTV) - From tiny larvae to flying beauty, one North Carolina farm delivers an in your face experience, with one of nature's most beautiful insects.  This week I visited my home town of High Pont, North Carolina to visit All-A-Flutter Butterfly farm.

"We are the only butterfly farm in North Carolina. The only thing close is the Durham Science Center," said Nora Cammer.  She and her crew raise and breed monarch butterflies.  More than a hundred are on display each day.

Sadie Routh and her mom Erin enjoyed the special mother daughter outing.  "I took a lot of pictures. I got to see them eat. They landed on us, we loved it." Erin Routh said.

I even had a little luck catching one who landed on my tripod

"Every single person that visits us gets a sugar pad, it is a cotton makeup pad in sugar water, and you actually get to hand feed the butterflies," Cammer said.

It's not just about fun, it's educational too.  The kids were enthusiastic to share what they learned.

"I just know don't scratch their wings, cause you'll hurt 'em," Micah Thurston said.   Sadie agreed. "You hurt 'em, and then they can't fly."

"We got to come up close, we got to stay in a place where butterflies could fly all over us, feed watch them lay eggs, and it's very educational, but it was really special," Erin Routh said.

"I hear a lot of stories, especially when a loved one passes, how butterflies will magically follow people, so it's sentimental and spiritual to a lot of people as well," said Cammer.

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