Questions over CRVA compensation

While the CIAA basketball tournament is supported in part with tax payer dollars, Mayor Anthony Foxx  wants to know who may be taking private bucks on the side, while working for a quasi government agency.

"I've gotten several calls about that situation and I would like to find out more," Foxx said.

At Monday's city council meeting , Mayor Foxx announced he has been in conversations with Tim Newman who heads the CRVA over the CIAA.

The mayor wants to find out why one of Newman's staffers is line for a 100 thousand dollar bonus to be paid by the athletic conference which sponsors the annual tournament.

City council member Michael Barnes raises questions about an ethics policy, because the CRVA board of directors that oversees big time conventions in our town is appointed by the Charlotte City Council.

Barnes says there are possible legal issues.

"We can then have our attorney, the city attorney make sure that the things have happened weren't inconsistent with the policy."

Tim Newman of the CRVA is wasting no time in addressing the issue.

"I'm goanna give the detailed report tomorrow morning at our CRVA board meeting at Eight O' Clock at the convention center."

He said, "And to respect everybody, we're goanna go through it one time, at the same time."

While basketball is raising a red flag, Barnes wants to know about other large conventions that come to Charlotte like the N-R-A and if it's common for outside groups to make private payments to C-R-V-A employees.

Barnes said, "It makes it appear, as if people are being compensated for each event that comes to town and I wasn't aware that that's the case. I hope it's not the case."

WBTV will be at the CRVA board meeting on Wednesday morning.