Elizabeth Warren talks new gov't agency in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Elizabeth Warren, President Obama's new consumer cop, is building a government agency to protect you.

"Some days I feel like Bob the builder," Warren told WBTV's Melissa Hankins. "You know, you get up and you see how you can put something together for American families. We can actually make government work in this area."

The Consumer Bureau is not yet operational - it's still being formed - but Warren came to Charlotte today to tell bankers and lawyers and politicians that it will bring fairness to American finances, policing everything from mortgages to credit cards to checking accounts.

"You know, my message to all bankers, large and small, is if you really want to offer an honest product to your consumer...if you're willing to engage in head to head competition...I'm your new best friend," Warren said. "If you're not...than I'm probably not your new best friend."

The conference today was really North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper's gig, and Warren said he's been instrumental in the process of the country's financial reform, especially when it comes to holding mortgage providers accountable. In fact, Cooper is trying to get the big banks to pay for their blunders.

"We haven't discussed a figure with them," Cooper said. "But obviously there's been fraud committed on the court, and there needs to be consequences for that."