Spring Clearning Turns Clutter to Cash

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV)  -  At the South End Exchange consignment shop on Camden Road in Charlotte, they're used to digging through boxes in search of treasures.  "We like to research what people bring in to make sure we're pricing it for what it's worth," said Laura Gribble, who owns the store.  For eight years people have been bringing Gribble everything from old light fixtures after renovation, to the figurines they inherited but never really liked.

If you are cleaning out your garage or attic this spring, think outside the box.  Instead of slaving for hours to price for a yard sale, perhaps you've got what it takes to consign.  Your first step should be careful consideration of what might be saleable.  Remember, even if you inherited a collection of figurines you don't like, collectors frequent consignment shops in search of treasures.

"There are collectors for specific pieces and they might like the kind of glass that your grandmother collected, but you really don't have room for," says Gribble.  The South End Exchange is a nice mixture of new and antique.  That is another point Gribble makes, make sure your treasures match the store you where you choose to consign.

When you drop off your belongings, have a candid conversation with the store's clerks.  Are the items you are looking to sell really consignment store quality?  At South End Exchange, Gribble prides herself in finding the treasures.  She says she'll be honest, if it is better off at a yard sale or donating, she will tell you.

Make sure you clearly understand the store's policy.  And like any business transaction, read the contract carefully and so you can hold up your end of the deal.  So the next time you dig through your attic, remember that clutter could soon be cash!

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