Zahra's dad wants passport back for a return to Australia

Adam Baker coming into court one day.
Adam Baker coming into court one day.
Zahra Baker at Camp Quality (Source: Townsville Bulletin)
Zahra Baker at Camp Quality (Source: Townsville Bulletin)
Elisa Baker and Adam Baker on their wedding day and later at a home. (Source: Facebook and MySpace)
Elisa Baker and Adam Baker on their wedding day and later at a home. (Source: Facebook and MySpace)

HICKORY, NC (WBTV) - A Hickory man whose young daughter was killed and dismembered last fall is now seeking to leave the United States and head back to his home country of Australia, police say.

Adam Baker and his 10-year-old daughter, Zahra, moved from Australia to North Carolina so he could live with his new wife, Elisa Baker, who was indicted in February on charges of second-degree murder in connection with Zahra's death.

Adam and Elisa were scheduled to appear in Caldwell County District Court on Monday, but their cases were continued until June 13 because Elisa Baker's attorney could not be in court.

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Adam Baker, who is not charged in Zahra's death, made a 911 call to report that his daughter was missing in October 2010 and then floated the idea of a kidnapping. At the time, he said he had not seen her in a day and that she was "brooding" and stayed in her room much of the time. (Read more about the 911 call)

He also said that the girl was last seen only a day earlier -- but police have said she was missing for about 2 weeks before the 911 call was made.

"My daughter is, I think, coming into puberty, cause she is hitting that brooding stage (laughter) so we only see her when she comes out when she wants something, and that's about it," Baker said on the 911 call.

Baker went on to tell the 911 operator that "kidnappers" must have taken Zahra's prosthetic leg because it, too, was missing. Elisa Baker told police she faked a ransom note from imaginary kidnappers, police say.

Adam and Elisa, who wed in Australia, may have been married illegally because Elisa is now charged with bigamy, according to police. (Read about the bigamy charge)

Part of Zahra's body was later found in at least two different places.

A meeting is scheduled for later this week between police, the district attorney and Adam Baker's attorney to see if Baker can get his passport back for an eventual return to Australia.

Shell Pierce, the attorney for Adam Baker in Caldwell County, said as soon as the matters are resolved and his client gets permission, Adam Baker will go home to Australia. If needed, Pierce said Adam Baker could return to the United States.

Before that happens, however, a few misdemeanor charges against Baker will need to be resolved.

Adam Baker has told WBTV in two exclusive interviews he was not involved in the death or dismemberment of his daughter. (More about the WBTV interview)

When Elisa Baker was charged, the district attorney said there was "no credible evidence to charge anyone other than Elisa Baker" in Zahra's death.

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