See, Click, Fix: David Taylor Drive Sidewalk Fixed

By John Carter - bio l email


See, Click, Fix has gone back to a sidewalk problem along David Taylor Drive in north Charlotte.

A huge section of sidewalk was buckled when we first reported the problem in March.

When I initially contacted the Charlotte Department of Transportation, engineers took a look and I was told it appeared a utility came in and cut the sidewalk to install an underground utility line that went underneath the sidewalk.

The city said it would repair the sidewalk and charge back the cost to the appropriate utility.

And that's what's happened.

There is now a new section of sidewalk along David Taylor Drive, replacing the buckled section of walkway.

The bottom line here:  someone saw the problem...told us about it by clicking on to See Click Fix...and now the problem is fixed.

And thanks to quick action by the City of Charlotte.

Engineers responded immediately to my first email and now, in just a month's time, there's a new section of sidewalk in place.

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