Local Residents React To Federal Budget Concerns

No problem in Charlotte finding frustration and anger directed at lawmakers in Washington.

However, on this Friday night at West Charlotte's Bar-B-Q King, heartburn came from something that's not on the menu.

Talk from Capitol Hill and bickering over of a government shutdown has Debbie Crocker of Kings Mountain putting her business plans on hold.

"I need a small business loan and with this government shutdown, I can't do anything further with my business," she said. "We're optimistic and hoping there won't be a shutdown."

Optimism may be hard to find in this emotionally political environment, and some diners here worry about one group of public servants.

Joe Denson is concerned that those defending our nation may have problems making ends meet.

"I keep coming back to the military, that's who I keep coming back to the whole time," he said.

It's not just military families being impacted, but also leisure time plans.

One person we found at the restaurant worries about access to nearby National Parks.

"I'm going to the great Smokey Mountain National Park tomorrow and it may be closed."

Another customer says senate and house members should all share in the responsibility things falling apart.

"I don't blame republicans or democrats just all of them."