On The Road: Jazzercise

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - "It is an intense workout.  You get cardio, strength training and stretch," said Jule Barnitt.  "It's always changing, there's lots of variety."

Jazzercise has been around for more than forty years, but it's hardly your grandmother's aerobics class.  The local Charlotte franchise is rapidly expanding for that reason.

"It is so much fun and it's so encouraging to be here," Paula Oates said.  She has been coming for six months and swears by it.

"The classes are always fresh and fun, the routines are different, and so you just feel like you're getting a great workout," Oates commented.

That's the same feeling owner Allegra Hinson felt more than twelve years ago.

"I was hooked pretty much from the beginning.  I've been doing it ever since, and I've never got bored with the program," Hinson said.  "I'm constantly amazed with the way they change it up and keep it current."

Here ladies rock out to the hottest songs by the freshest artists, and sport some hot dance moves too.

"People are realizing that dance is a fun and effective way to get your workout," Hinson said.  "You're not constantly looking at the clock and you're not bored."

Oates agrees it comes just in time for swimsuit season.  "When you see the results, and I have felt the difference that it has made in the way I just feel over all, and in my fitness level, it just brings me back, because I know I'm getting results," she said.

"It's published you can burn up to 600 calories a class. That's not trumped, that's for true," Hinson said.  "I wear a heart rate monitor and I burn between 420 and 500 calories a class."

It's easy on your wallet and on your mood.

"You don't have a skill to dance, you have to have a love to dance. Two left feet are welcome as long as you're passionate and enthusiastic about dance and music, you'll be fine," Hinson said.

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