See, Click, Fix: Leaking Fire Hydrant Gets Fixed

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The leaking fire hydrant in question is on Harriett Avenue in Charlotte and sits right next to this house.

The man who lives here sent a frustrating email to See, Click, Fix saying, "Fire hydrant has been leaking water from under the ground. I have called the city 3 times about the problem."

Others in the neighborhood have noticed the leak too. Lacey Burleson's husband parks his car in the street to change the oil. "You kinda do have to do it at a certain time. He hasn't been able to do that for two weeks," says Burleson.

The water from the leak saturated the ground immediately around the hydrant. This leak also travels! The water trickles for a half block to the end of Harriett Avenue then turns left on Benning for another block, leaving a large puddle at the end of Benning at Old Plank Road.

We contacted Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities which says the leak is now fixed. CMUD says a crew fixed it the same day we were there. They also doubled checked the day after and said it was not leaking anymore.

CMUD says if the hydrant begins leaking again, crews may replace it altogether.

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