Pass 3 On: Being a Good Neighbor

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) -- Neighbors. You live side-by-side, sometimes for years. Maybe you know their situation, maybe you don't. But if you had the opportunity to help them out, would you?

Walter Boals, a Charlotte man certainly wanted to when he saw me with my sign in southwest Charlotte.

"She's got cancer," he said. "She's on her deathbed right now. Basically."

Boals told me he lived beside Debra Matthews for nearly a decade and that Matthews was now battling end-stage lung cancer.

"She's stayed strong, I've got to admit that," he said. "Tried to fight it all she could."

Boals also told me about, Matthews' husband Butch, who had been working two jobs to pay the mounting medical bills.

Matthews was was clearly surprised and very curious to know why our cameras were there. But once she found out what Boals was up to, she's was overwhelmed with gratitude.

"You old sweetie," she told Boals. "Well, thank you."

Matthews told me, " [Boal's] wife has also made food and brought over here and you just couldn't ask for better neighbors."

As she bravely faces the grim reality that this could very well be her final spring, Matthews said she's not afraid of dying.

"I'm OK with that," she insisted. "You know, I'm OK."

In fact, she keeps her Christmas tree up as a reminder and told me, "see if I might be able to see it next Christmas. So it's going to stay up."

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