Dr. Peter Gorman Reacts To Extra Help To Sports Alive

The grassroots efforts to save local sports demonstrate wide reaching interest and strength.

With numbers of more than 600 strong, a local organization billing itself as Save Middle School Sports has the ear of one critical decision maker.

CMS Superintendent Dr. Peter Gorman is curious about how a single civic group can keep student athletics alive.

"We're very very pleased that they're working on this and we're hopeful," he said.

Middle school athletics have the ability of taking lessons of learning beyond the classroom, and at places of learning like Coulwood Middle students like Jessica Sands are bracing for doing without come next class year.

"We're not gonna have anything else to do. It's gonna be boring. There's gonna be no games to go to or anything," she said.

The challenge for private funders to keep public school athletics alive  is coming up with the millions year after year, but Dr. Gorman isn't sure what funding formulas these new partners will introduce.

"We haven't seen what they're proposal will be," he said. We have to look at it in  in totality." he said.

Making a decision may be a race against the clock, that's because the CMS budget for the next class year is expected to be approved by end of May.

It's a move that will allow 6th, 7th, and 8th graders to either play or become sidelined.