Possible adoption scam busted

KANSAS CITY, MO (CBS NEWS) - For four frustrating years, Holly and Mark Gonzales tried to have children. They spent over $120,000 in the process. Then, last month, they received a call from their adoption attorney saying they had a birth mom who's pregnant with twins due next Friday.

Their attorney put Holly on the phone with the expectant mother who said her name was Kristy Bennett, a 34-year-old single mother of three from Missouri.

"About half an hour later, she sent me a text saying, 'I think you're going to be great parents to the twins,'" Holly said.

As Holly and Mark prepped their empty nursery over the next few days, Kristy Bennett started asking for money. Then their lawyer, who had been checking Bennett's background, called with heartbreaking news. She had just gotten a call back from the doctor's office - and they said they had no record of this woman.

"She's just playing with your emotions and trying to basically get money from you," Mark said.

The Gonzales' ended all contact with Kristy Bennett and got a cold-blooded text message in return. The message read, "The girls were born today. I'm sorry you felt you couldn't be here. They are two very precious babies that are going to foster care."

"Then, she went ahead and sent me two pictures of two newborn babies," Holly said.

CBS News has learned that Kristy Bennett is actually Roxanne Janel Jones. Jones has a criminal record including theft and jumping bail. We first came across her after she defrauded a CBS News employee and his wife, who sent money before realizing they'd been conned.

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