Paddle ball world record attempt, includes pants paddle

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email

HUNTERSVILLE, NC (WBTV) - I don't think there's ever been a story that was this much fun to cover. Paddle balling, the international skill of bouncing a rubber-band attached ball on a paddle, is now at a level I've never seen before.

Steve Langley is getting ready to head to Italy after being invited by a Guinness World Record show. He's hoping to set a record for either, most balls paddled, or longest paddling.

"It's mostly about fun for me, that's my life's objective, to have fun and an adventure," said Langley.

Steve is immediately a very likable guy. He works the paddles like it's child's play. He even attaches 3 paddles to a belt around his waist to add to the number of balls he can get going at once.

Steve can manipulate as many as 9 at one time, although the feat is incredibly difficult.

He hopes to be the first in the world to set any kind of paddle ball record, and bring some notoriety to a toy most people don't even think of. Steve has a great website full of paddle ball links and some of his amazing videos. Check it out here

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