Mega Millions top 5 most commonly drawn numbers

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - With the Mega Millions jackpot teetering over $300 million dollars, many people are trying desperately to come up with a system that makes them a millionaire.

While we certainly can't promise anyone will win a jackpot with these numbers, there are 5 regular numbers that are drawn more than any others: 48 has been drawn 67 times. 12 has been drawn 66 times. 14 and 53 have been drawn 65 and 64 times. The number 52 has been pulled 62 times.

Want to see those again? 48, 12, 14, 53, 52.

While those numbers are drawn the most, they likely won't put you at any better than the normal 1 in 176 million odds of winning the jackpot prize. But it certainly can't hurt to try?

Lottery officials say the cash option would land a jackpot winner with $198 million dollars.

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