Pass 3 On: 'Seeing' is Believing

By Brigida Mack - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) -- The rainy weather one Thursday morning didn't stop Priscilla Flimb from running up to me in Plaza Midwood to tell me why she wanted to Pass 3 On.

She told me about Voderick Chambers, a friend of hers who was diagnosed with a rare eye disease a few years ago.

"And they said that he would he would possibly go blind at the age of 40 and I hate for this to be on TV because he doesn't like for everybody to know that," said Flimb.

But Priscilla was determined to help her fiercely independent friend -- even if it meant sharing his story with me.

"He likes to do things on his own but he has a tendency to run into things all the time,"said Flimb. "I just want to do something to help. He has young daughter you know that he relies on a lot to do things for him when he can't do for himself."

But once we got to Voderick's house he was a bit hesitant to let us come in.

"I mean, who are you," he Chambers questioned.  But oonce I told him I was with WBTV, he said, "Oh, shoot. "Yeah, come on in."

What happened next was a fitting example of a friend bringing the gift of friendship sharply into focus.

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