See, Click, Fix: Another leak on Tryon Street

By John Carter - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -  There was a leak on North Tryon Street at 36th Street in north Charlotte back in February.

A leak in the middle of the road that was causing issues when temperatures dropped below freezing.  Runoff from the leak would freeze across the road and that would cause problems for drivers.

The city responded quickly to the problem and the leak was fixed.

But now, another problem has popped up.

About 60 feet south of where that first was reported, another leak!

I contacted the Charlotte Mecklenburg Utility Department about the new leak.

CMUD told me the leak was on its list to repair.

And now I'm happy to report that within days of my call to CMUD, repair crews were out on the scene and they've been doing a lot of work.

CMUD also reminded me that there are limited crews working on a backlog of problems.

About 13 crews working on approximately 4,000 miles of water mains in the city.

They're making progress.  A list of 500 needed repairs in February has now been whittled away to roughly 370.

The shortage of crews is one of two factors that have been exacerbating the backlog.

The other:  cold weather always increases the number of breaks and this winter was very cold.

Now that spring is here that really shouldn't be a problem any longer.

And keep this in mind, leaks are prioritized.

Repairs that are causing property damage, water outages, or traffic problems are repaired first, while smaller leaks may take more than 12 weeks to be repaired.

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