Charlotte airport gets big boost

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - 2010 was a banner year for the Queen City's airport.

Charlotte Douglas International saw a 10% increase in passenger traffic. And it is still going up.

Moving those people in and out of the city means more take-offs and landings.

And today, our airport is the seventh busiest in the world.

"We don't think it's hype to say that nothing is more important to Charlotte's economic development than the Charlotte airport in terms of what it generates to this economy," says the Chamber's Bob Morgan.

On it's own, the airport, of course, employs thousands of people.

"The employment base out there is huge, both directly and indirectly, but more importantly, Charlotte is the 20th largest city with the 7th busiest airport," Morgan says. "That means we have a level of connectivity that far exceeds our population size."

Right now, corporate executives can get almost anywhere in North America, and their access to Europe and South America has improved dramatically.

When it comes to the economy, that's a very big deal, because companies - and jobs - are won and lost over airports.

"Time is money in the business world," Morgan says.